Sunday, June 07, 2009

A preview of Miller Park.

My proposed Midwest Baseball Tour/Driving To Calgary trip is well into the planning stages, and as it stands I'm going to see three baseball games.

One of them is going to be the Cardinals and Brewers, in Milwaukee at Miller Park, which is about six years old. Yes, it's named after the brewery (which paid handsomely for the naming rights), which is pretty well expected seeing as how the entire team itself is named for the beer industry.

If you know me well, you'll know that I'm serious about my baseball. My favourite 36-hour period of my life last year included seeing three baseball games in three different cities (Detroit, Toledo and Cleveland), and a few short days later, there I was, laying flat on ECB's guest bed, sleeping off an afternoon of drinking beer in the sun at Wrigley. It ruled.

Now, on to Miller Park, home of the Brewers and the $1 "Uecker Seats" (obstructed-view top-level seats; you buy them and probably move elsewhere). Apparently the tailgating going on in the parking lot beforehand is a sight to behold, and strangers will offer you booze and bratwurst if you look thirsty and/or hungry. Once inside, there's a mysterious condiment you can only get in Milwaukee called — I kid you not — Secret Stadium Sauce. So I obviously have to try that.

Plus, there's the Sausage Races in the 6th inning, Bernie Brewer sliding down his slide — although unfortunately no longer into a comically-oversized beer stein — and some knowledgeable and passionate baseball fans. (While I enjoy having a major league baseball stadium in my city... well, the fans are weird here. They're mostly polite and cheer only when the scoreboard tells them to, and when a possibly-booze-infused heckler lets loose for a few innings, as one would truly expect at a baseball game, I shit you not, people complain to security and they get tossed out of the place.) Read more about the place here.

Anyone want to come along?

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