Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The socialists are coming, the socialists are coming.

Seems as if the Republicans are all hot-and-heavy on the whole "let's always refer to the Democrats as a bunch of socialists because they think it might be a spiffy idea if the government provides some stuff that for-profit corporations currently does, namely health care."

Stephen Colbert put it perfectly, when he responded to a bunch of Republican spokespeople endlessly referring to "government bureaucrats making decisions" in the health care system:

Can you imagine? It'll be, "Hello, bureaucrats! Goodbye, mom-and-pop massive insurance conglomerates!"

(This was during his "The Word" segment; the snappy sidebar changed to "Getting Screwed Will Lose That Personal Touch".)

I know whenever I go into one of our All-Powerful Government Tyrannical Monopoly Hospitals, I can't walk ten feet without seeing a life-sized portrait of an angelic Ministry of Health bureaucrat hanging in the hall with a plaque beside it saying, "Hey you, you don't need that air-cast! Just walk it off, you pussy!"

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