Thursday, April 16, 2009


Seen on a bumper sticker today:


Your thoughts?


emarchak said...

Does that mean the placenta and umbilical cord have to come along too?

Renee said...

Technically the umbilical cord eventually dries out and falls off, so...

I think circumcision is stupid. Arguments against it typically come down to:

1) But we'll have to teach Axlerod how to wash ... it!

2) It will make him fit in with his community. Because when you go to church the first thing you do before Saturday service is whip out your John Thomas to show to the congregation.

2)a) God told me to. Well, God tells me to do a lot of things too, but you don't see doing them. Unless I'm off my meds.

3) Women will be scared of it! Because we couldn't actually show girls pictures of different kinds of penises to dispel any confusion... (and let's be honest, here, they're pretty scary regardless of what kind of sweater they're wearing.)

The same people who get upset when I suggest ornamentally tattooing their kid at birth can calmly turn around and chop off a piece of his pecker. It's craziness!

JTL said...

2) That's what we did at my church. (But we had our services on Sundays.)

I dunno. I'm gonna put a tidbit of personal info out there: I had the ol' snippy-snip done, and I turned out fine. I don't exactly know why it was done to me, but it was, and... well, it's not like I stay up late at night mourning the loss of a useless piece of skin. Do people who have appendectomies feel a sense of loss because a useless part of their intestines is gone?

Besides, it looks weird when it hasn't been done.

Renee said...

I'd have to say that about 50% of the penises I've seen in person (I'm not a slut, I've just slept around a lot) have been anteaters, and I actually prefer the presence of the foreskin. It provides... options!

It's only really common in North America, and I honestly think that the aesthetic is just what you're used to. I've heard many men claim (but I don't know how they could know) that a foreskin increases sensitivity - it does decrease friction, sans condom, fo shizzle. In the absence of any compelling reason not to chop off parts of the body, I say err on the side of not chopping things off, and let the doctors clean up on elective surgery if a generation of young men decide themselves that they dislike their penile aerodynamics.

Anyway, in short, all penises look weird. The end.