Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jesus was a scientist.

If He wasn't, how could He have come up with this killer missing-link which fills in a heretofore-annoying gap in the evolution of pinnipeds?

I'm so glad we have a LORD who knows how to plant fossils in out-of-the-way places. He's so tricky! In a fun way, though. Figuring out the LORD's tricks is like playing a cosmic game of Clue.

"I've got it! It was the coelacanth... in the study... with a copy of the heretical On The Origin Of Species! Praise be to the One True God."

In the classes I teach, I'm trying to plant seeds of doubt in some subtle and not-so-subtle ways. For example, when we're talking about the late-19th century idea of "the ether" in our Grade 12 Physics class, I'll describe it as being this stuff "which is everywhere, inside and through everything, but undetectable, even if you went looking for it. You'll never find it in an experiment, but trust me, it's everywhere, omnipresent. Sound like a familiar concept to anyone?" It usually takes them a few seconds for the majority of them to catch on, but in the end they get what I'm trying to say.

As the years go by, the idea of religion seems more and more preposterous to me. It just doesn't make any damn sense. If there was/were a Divine Being/Beings out there, but which were deliberately hard to detect, why would it care if I believed the fairy tales, especially if I had been created to be so sceptical by this omniscient Thing out there? It's self-contradictory. And as for the whole "it's just God testing you" thing... really? You'd want to believe in a "trickster God?" That seems petty and insecure, two traits I wouldn't think would go too well with a Something that could do anything. God has everything and can do everything; why does It need me?

If there's a Great Scorekeeper In The Sky, I think Its view is much more long-term, big-picture. Am I a decent person? Did I do the right things, on balance? Whether or not I ate fish two Fridays ago, believe that some guy once built a 40-cubit-long boat, or never uttered* the words "Jesus Fucking Christ Already!" when a member of the Detroit Tigers bullpen blew another yet another lead (thank you Brandon Lyon) seems a little nit-picky.

* in case of Roman Catholicism, merely thinking the words will do just nicely, thank-you


Eve said...

I agree with all this, except for the part about mentioning religion in a science class. I was annoyed when my bio teacher tried to push creationism on us when she was forced to teach evolution, so I can imagine that a religious person would be none too pleased to hear their God compared to ether or any other crazy story, regardless of subtlety. Also, from knowing you a couple years now I can't imagine you being subtle about religion!

JTL said...

If a religious person hears someone who's an outsider to their belief structure describe that belief structure as nonsensical, and this causes them to be more insecure about their beliefs (regardless of whether or not they're "pleased" with me), maybe their beliefs weren't so secure to begin with, and it was just a matter of time before they encountered someone or something which challenged them and perhaps caused them to think about why they believe what they do.

I also just got done showing one of my grade 10 classes that YouTube clip to which I linked a couple of days ago, about open-mindedness. :)

Kelly said...

Hey, Eve....

Are you thinking of a certain Mrs. C. from RHHS?

Duder said...

Have you seen "Religulous"? Fun times. Especially when Maher visits the Creationist Museum.