Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dateline: My Couch.

Oh dear me, my couch is wonderful. It holds me up off the floor, it provides a suitable surface for many types of napping activities, and in a pinch it can even act as a temporary impromptu storage device for many different kinds of junk. Hooray for furniture!

Easter weekend for me was divided up into two very distinct parts:

1. Laziness and Music (Fri-Sat)
A wonderfully large chunk of Friday, and a decently large chunk of Saturday were spent in and around the ol' apartment, puttering-around and doing assorted stupid little things for which I haven't had the time lately; I also cleaned up around here. Saturday night found me at Everyone's a DJ, engineered by Matt Blair, who's set this thing up so well he didn't even need to be in the country for it to work flawlessly. I went on at 1:20 and played lots and lots of stuff with lots and lots of guitars.



2. Craziness and Family (Sun-Mon)
This is not to say my family is crazy; those of you who have met them know they're really quite sane. But they do live a fair drive away, which takes time and makes gatherings a bit awkward to arrange; it's not like I can be there in twenty minutes. That said, we had a lovely Easter dinner, complete with ham and a concoction my niece "helped" to make (Jell-O made with applesauce, and yes, it's as weird as it sounds, but it isn't actually as awful as it sounds, either). My brother and I froze our asses off in Detroit at the ballgame on Monday, but at least we picked up sweet Miguel Cabrera bobbleheads and we had stupendously-large burgers at Gar's Bar in Marine City, Michigan (pictures to come).

Like ECB, I wish I had something more to say... I'm out of bagels, is that news?

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ecb said...

I'm out of bagels too! BFFs!!