Monday, March 23, 2009

Fox fallout, state mottos, and possible Walken.

Seems as if several thousand angry YouTube comments, emails and rocks-through-windows-with-notes-attached managed to get through to the head morons at Fox "News" that their knuckleheaded host of Red Eye, Greg Gutfeld, and his list of panelists who made fun of Canada's military (as noted below), have induced that neanderthal excuse for a broadcasting company to issue a half-assed apology which yammered on about how Gutfeld was sorry his comments were "misinterpreted," when it's pretty obvious that there's no way to misinterpret any of the things anyone on that show said other than "I'm a moronic American that doesn't know shit about shit."

Hell, even hunky Minister of National Defence (and ex-Mr. Belinda Stronach) Peter MacKay waded into it today when prodded by Don Newman on Newsworld. He used the words "despicable" and "ignorant," which is about as pissed-off as a Canadian politician gets.

Anyway, now we have Fox "News" on the ropes, and all it took was a national outrage.

In other news, Anthony Clark is a funny guy. A full 53% of the comedy on this here blog is original JTL material, but I had to rip this off his stand-up routine. Enjoy.

The state motto of Oklahoma, I swear to God, they print it right on their license plates, is "Oklahoma is OK." You gotta wonder what their choices were to come up with this piece of shit...

"We got our five final choices for Oklahoma state license plate. Billy Bob, you wanna read 'em off?"

"We have:
A. Oklahoma is OK.
B. Oklahoma: the circus has been here twice.
C. Oklahoma: some people say we don't suck.
D. Oklahoma: trees are made of wood.
E. Oklahoma, Oklahoma: There, I said it twice."

Finally, this may or may not be Christopher Walken's Twitter thing. I don't do the Twitter thing; I don't have a cell phone, and even if I did have one, noboby needs to get up-to-the-second updates on my stupid life anyway. But this sure is funny.


Eve said...

I hear they're going to prove how sorry they are by joining the CF and fighting in Afghanistan. Seeing as they're braver than Canadian soldiers it should be a cake walk for them.

JTL said...

Why did nobody tell me about the two blatant typos in the very first paragraph of this post when it first went up?