Sunday, March 08, 2009

Busy times, indeed.

Having recently been thrown a clearly-booze-soaked complaint of, "Write more often! I'm bored at work!", well, here I am. (Christ, what am I, your little amusement-monkey?!)

Here's why I haven't been updating this thing too much lately:

Tuesday & Wednesday: Spent all day each day out in Burlington at a Minstry of Education workshop that could've been done in one hour, if it was done right, which it wasn't.

Thursday: Parents' night, with an extra after-work meeting squeezed in there for good measure. Completely full slate of interviews; even did a couple of two-at-oncers.

Friday: Picked up Eve, headed down to K-town for GW Science Fair. Got quite drunk, and got the aforementioned complaint.

Saturday: Viciously hung over, drove back to Toronto (ducking-out to a 401 exit ramp for a 20-minute powernap) in time to watch the exciting Canada-USA game at the World Baseball Classic at 2pm. Stuck around for Venezuela-Italy; quite the carnival atmosphere for that, even if the Dome wasn't as packed as it was in the afternoon.

Today: lost an hour, looked at my messy apartment and thought, "Holy hell, how did it get this bad?!", and... well, alright, heading back down to the Dome later for tonight's game, USA-Venezuela. Might squeeze in a little marking here and there, too, for good measure.

So, that's the long and short of it. Next week brings more WBC games, then on the weekend there's the annual provincial union meeting, out of which I'm escaping early so I can hop on a plane to go to Florida to watch more baseball (outdoors, with nicer weather and more palm trees). Nutty times, I tells ya.


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I'm not sure what they put in the beer at Clark, but I too was viciously hungover on Saturday. Stupid aging.