Monday, February 02, 2009

I showed up to this party nine years too late.

Goddamn, why is Freaks and Geeks so good? And why am I so enraptured with these (faux) high schoolers, seeing as how I SPEND ALL DAY IN A GOD DAMN HIGH SCHOOL?

(Whoa. That actually sounded extremely creepy.)

(Also, Linda Cardellini is hot.)

(It's alright, she was 25 when she was on F&G.)

(Although she's hot now, too. I read she's on ER these days.)

(I haven't seen that show in forever. Is Clooney still on that?)

(Wait, he can't be. He's too busy making movies and banging celebrities, as far as I can tell.)

(Unless he's gay.)

(Do you think he's gay? You know the trick, covering up the gayness by semi-secretly slutting around with every red-carpet trollop in town?)

(I think Gene Simmons is gay. Same trick.)

(I wish I could stick my tongue out farther.)

(Alright, this has gotta stop.)

In unrelated news, I went skiing for the first time in a few years this past Saturday. I hurt today in some very weird places — for example, in a spot which is sorta behind my knee. How can I even hurt there? What's there to hurt, anyway?

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