Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fun with search terms.

Every now and again, I check StatCounter to see how many people have been checking-in on this ol' blog. (Someone is using Safari 1.2... c'mon, upgrade already!) One of the things it tells me is, if someone's found this site by typing something into a search engine, what they typed to get here.

For some reason, I find this endlessly entertaining.

Here are three recent gems:
  • pipefitter hoodie
    I'm not sure what this is, but I sure as hell want one.
  • harperisms
    This actually shows up fairly often. Oh, that Steve, what a pill.
  • is tdsb going on strike soon 2009
    More on this below.
The first two could've been typed by anyone. The third, however, is very specific to a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago about my union's negotiations with the school board for whom I teach. Maybe it's an anxious high-schooler who's looking for a little time off. Maybe it's a colleague who's looking for a low-cost, off-peak-time jaunt to Vegas. Maybe it's the Illuminati, peering-in on my thoughts as they continue to run the world.

The weird thing about this search term is that it showed up twice, from ostensibly two different computers; one had Bell as their ISP, the other had Rogers. Maybe it's the same person, maybe not. This is why I'm pretty hopelessly addicted to StatCounter.

But, Dear Mystery-Reader, to soothe your fears... no, we probably won't be going on strike. Or, hell, we might... but it won't be a full walkout, just something to piss off management but not the students. Y'know, though... it could be, but Toronto actually hasn't gone on one of those in my lifetime. At this juncture I'd normally say, Just keep watching the news to keep informed, but my opinion of journalists these days isn't too great.

In conclusion, Libya is a land of contrast. Thank you.

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