Monday, February 09, 2009

Coming attractions.

There are three things which need to be brought to your attention. I plan on attending all of these, and you should too. ALL OF 'EM.

1. Everyone's A DJ (but especially me)
The inimitable Matt Blair (seriously, does the guy ever sleep?) is hosting the umpteenth-monthly edition of Everyone's A DJ on the 14th down at Disgraceland (Bloor, just west of Ossington; and yes, I know what day that is, but I refuse to recognize its so-called "significance"). I will be DJing, as always, under my old Golden Words pseudonym, Frisbee Pilot, from midnight to 12:20 (everyone gets a 20-minute set). I haven't decided on whether to go with a mix of my current musical-genre obsessions — late-'60s Motown with big horn sections plus similar-era gritty Detroit rock — or, owing to the day and my distaste for it, a collection of the cock-est cock-rock that ever rocked a cock, which will most definitely include Triumph. Your input is more than welcome.

2. Golden Words Science Fair
The tagline says it all: "Just like Grade 5, but held in a bar with cash prizes." (I miss you, Clark!) If you're in Toronto and want to carpool it down to K-town on Friday the 6th, let me know and we can be all environmental-y that way. I have to be back here by about noon or 1pm-ish on Saturday the 7th, though, because of...

3. World Baseball Classic: Canada vs. USA
If the Skydome isn't full of crazy Canadian fans screaming their asses off, then I will be heartily disappointed in my country. I already have tickets, but I'm sure you can get some too — they're pretty cheap, all in all. I just hope I'm not hung over from the night before; the game's at 2pm. (Probably for the best, though — that way I won't be tempted to buy any $9 beers down at the dome.)


ecb said...

I've been trying to ignore your multiple Triumph references but I can do so no longer. I WILL BURN DOWN YOUR FRIGGIN' HOUSE if I hear one more mention of that horrid band.

JTL said...



And just because you said you liked Triumph so much, I AM GOING ALL COCK-ROCK ON SATURDAY. Notable acts will include:

* Triumph (natch)
* Thin Lizzy
* Jon Spencer
* Van Halen

...and so on. There will be guitar. Lots and lots of guitar. Motown? Next month.