Wednesday, February 04, 2009

CBC Toronto News at Six, you disappoint me.

Alright, here's the REAL reason why Toronto's OSSTF (District 12) won't sign the contract that the Toronto District School Board proposed. (I figure if an outlet as venerable as the Mothership messed this story up with lazy-ass journalism, someone's going to have to tell it like it is, and it might as well be me.)

Follow the bouncing ball, ok?
  1. Back in the fall, negotiators from the provincial offices of OSSTF and the Ontario Public School Boards Association (which oversees the TDSB) agreed on a "framework" for contracts negotiated by local OSSTF branches and local school boards. This included specific language about salary and workload issues.
  2. This framework says that, if the TDSB wants to increase our workload, they have to give someting up to the Union in trade. Maintaining the status quo is also an option; if it's not the same language as the previous contract, I reiterate, the TDSB has to give us something in return, and only if we agree to that.
  3. The TDSB's offer gives us an increased workload, but nothing in return. This is not cool, under the framework which the TDSB ALREADY AGREED TO, through OPSBA.
  4. The Chair of the TDSB, John Campbell, is being a Mike Harris clone* by talking about teachers being "clock-watchers" and not wanting to do "eight more minutes of supervision a day." That's an average, pal — it's not like I duck out of work at 3:20 and this would mean staying until a whopping 3:28 instead. Has this guy ever been a teacher? My guess is no, or else he'd realize what a crock this statement is.
  5. This "eight minutes" thing was all that the CBC reporter talked about tonight. Did he talk about the framework? No. Did he talk about how the Minsitry of Education mediator, who's been overseeing the talks, said the TDSB was in clear violation of said framework, and that D12 wasn't? No. Did he talk about how John Campbell punches babies? No.
Listen up, folks, and listen good. This whole thing is the BOARD'S FAULT. They are bargaining in BAD FAITH. They're going against the greement which they already agreed to, because it's CONVENIENT for them. They say more teachers supervising the halls is going to make schools safer... am I, me, personally, JTL, going to break up a fight in the hallway between armed thugs from rival gangs? Stop a drug deal in progress? Disarm a gunman looking to settle a score? Hell no.

If you want to read the Education Act, Johnny C, you'll see that I'm responsible for teaching six classes a year, period. Anything else above and beyond is what the Board gets for free from me, because I know the kids need it. When you try and jerk us around like this, to pull these kinds of dirty tricks when you're negotiating... oh, believe you me, buddy, you're gonna see the results, and you ain't gonna like 'em.
* In the late '90s, the provincial Conservative jerkbags put this ad on TV to slam the teacher unions which had a ticking clock and this condescending voice saying, "Come on. Just forty more minutes per week. It's still less than the elementary teachers work." And I thought dick-moves like that were a thing of the past.


ecb said...

Oh, I could tell you buddy, that blows some serious chunks.

JTL said...

Sure does, guy!

Anonymous said...

You ARE getting something in return---12.5% over 4 YEARS. DUHHHH

JTL said...

Excellent analysis by "Anonymous" -- you must work for the CBC.

Two points:

1. The TDSB was given that money by the Ministry, specifically earmarked for teacher salaries. This was not their money to give away; it was the Ministry's, assuming...

2. ...the TDSB didn't crap all over the provincial framework -- which they signed in the fall (kicking and screaming, mind you). But they have. They're refusing to budge on workload issues in which they're clearly in the wrong, as I have already described.

I'd say more, but I'm not sure I can at this point in the process. Better to err on the side of caution. Moral of the story is, we're right, the board's wrong.

Incidentally, "Anonymous," I can see you use Windows 2000, surf with IE 6.0 (seriously, guy, upgrade that thing), and found this article using Google and the search term "OSSTF District 12 blog". Rogers is your ISP, which leads me to believe you were at home at 3:59 in the afternoon.


How about you do your homework (pun intended?) before spouting off on an issue you clearly know very little about? Thanks for coming out, though.

Eve said...

Everyone is striking! Except us. I keep having people asking me if I am going to strike. Like me personally, not CUPE, specifically me. Like I have a personal vendetta against the school. Nope, I am not striking. Because my union is not striking.