Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well, so much for a coalition.

Yesterday was Budget Day up on the Hill and, not surprisingly, Harper & Co. had a bunch of treats to give out.

As such, it looks like the Liberal-NDP coalition is dead in the water. And even though I would've been a big fan of having ABC (Anyone But Conservatives, as "Danny Millions" is wont to say) in power, I think the threat of Steve getting toppled was enough to back him and Jim "The Last Surviving Leprechaun" Flaherty away from Mount Arrogance and into a little place I'd like to call Cooperation Cove.

The problem (or benefit, depending on your political stripe) is that now you have Michael Ignatieff strutting around like he owns the place. "We put the Conservative Party on probation," he said today after proposing an amendment to the Budget (which the Cons happily accepted, thereby cementing Steve's power for another few months or so). Not that I mind having Iggy doing a little strutting — again, Anyone But a Conservative these days is a relief — but we'd better not make sure it gets to that handsome carpet-bagger's head.

Now, while all of this Budget-based back-and-forthing is important for the fiscal future of our nation, let's not lose sight of what I believe is the most stunning development of the past, oh, decade or so on the Hill. It's something I not-so-secretly hoped would happen, and whadda ya know, it did: people from different parties worked together on stuff.

I mean, sure, both the Cons and the Libs are each trying to spin this in terms of, "As you can clearly see, we know what we're doing, and we're in charge up here," and since only one party can technically be "in charge" at any one point in space-time, someone must be bending the truth a bit in order to fit their ego.

However, the play-by-play still remains thus:
  1. The Cons put forward a Budget in the fall.
  2. Nobody else liked it, and threatened to fuck shit up.
  3. Steve asked Michaƫlle to hit the Pause button.
  4. Conservatives went back and talked to people.
  5. The Budget got radically changed based on this feedback.
  6. With a few minor tweaks (i.e., Liberal amendments), by gum, this thing is going to pass.

I feel proud of what got done. I mean, I know I shouldn't, because Steve is still the PM, and he makes me feel icky. And, proroguing seems like a sneaky, dirty trick. Still, though, there's a chance this thing might just work.

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Duder said...

Great write-up! I actually haven't had the heart to read about what went down via the mainstream news yet, but I like your take on it.
And Harper makes me feel icky too.