Sunday, January 04, 2009

Procrastination ahoy.

Seeing as tomorrow is the day I return to work, and also seeing as how I have a bit of marking to do... well, I figured it was time to flex the ol' procrastination muscles and get right down to the fine art of wasting time.

"But J," you ask, "however could you waste a good four minutes of a cloudy Sunday afternoon?"

"Well, Dear Reader," I reply, "I filled out a questionnaire about how many of the 250 top-rated films on IMDB that I've seen. My results are here, if you'd like to look at them. And you can even take the quiz for yourself."

. . . far away is June, anyway?


Christine said...

I know I should be doing something more productive.

We should, however, plan a movie night. I'd like to see The Sting and/or Slueth.

What? You haven't seen the Godfathers? For SHAME.

Anonymous said...


I knew that didn't look right.

Dan said...

Wow, that list is pretty funky. Though I have seen about half of them