Sunday, January 18, 2009

Football and bread.

As I type, I'm watching a presumably-tough football player, a member of the Arizona Cardinals, being interviewed by Pam Oliver on the field after his team just won the NFC championship game (the last game before the Super Bowl, for those of you who don't follow football). Tears of joy were streaming down his face... the first question asked by Oliver just went completely unanswered, as he couldn't compose himself enough to say one word. She took a different tack with her second question — something more specific that he could focus on for an answer — and he got about fifteen words into it (including many "um"s and "you know"s).

At least he didn't just thank the Little Lord Baby Jesus Christ of Nazareth, King of Kings, Prince of Peace (wait, how can you be both a king and a prince at the same time? OH, FIDDLE-DEE-DEE, CHRISTIANITY CONTAINS A CONTINUITY FLAW? SURPRISE, SURPRISE) as his first reflex.

What troubled me was that, during the on-field celebration (rife with red-and-white confetti) the song "We Are The Champions" by Queen was played throughout the stadium. Champions of what? The NFC (the other conference in the NFL being the AFC)? This song's lyrics imply you're at the end, you have nothing left to do or win or conquer. Hey Arizona! You still have one game to go before you can claim anything, you dicktrees!

Above is my latest experiment in baking: partially-whole-wheat bread. I used three cups of white flour and one cup of whole-wheat; it gives the bread a little heartier texture. About an hour into the first rise, though, I realized I forgot the salt; I can taste this, and it's a slightly weird flavour at first, but overall it doesn't really affect the end result too much. Heck, I think I even like it this way — it gives this a flavour you can't get in anything store-bought.

On the left is the result of a loaf pan; on the right is the dough I had left over, which I put on a flat sheet. This whole bread-making thing is still a work-in-progress; obviously I needed more dough in the loaf pan in order to get that classic "crown" look. (I thought it would rise more, but in the end the texture is still pretty light and airy, and a tad spongy.) I'm pleased with the results, and will still go with this 3:1 white:whole-wheat flour ratio for the next batch.

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