Saturday, December 13, 2008

Staring down the barrel of the Christmas season.

I'm fairly politically-correct and consider myself sensitive to the diverse cultures we find in this motley city of ours... and yet, I can't stoop to saying "happy holidays" to someone. We all know why there's a gargantuan consumerist orgy going on all month, and it ain't because of the Feast of Saint Lucy of Syracuse, that's for sure.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I listened to this week's CBC Radio 3 R3-30 podcast and heard host Craig Norris ask Vancouver punk legend Joey Keithly (of D.O.A.) the question I sent in! I'll leave it to you to listen to the question on the podcast (#119, the "Survival Guide to the Holiday Season," if you're scoring at home) but, needless to say, it was hilarious. I hope they'll send me some sweet CBC swag. I doubt they will.

At any rate, the one-and-only Matt is back on Canadian soil, which means there has already been an evening of wings, beer and trivia. The week between Chrismas and New Year's will largely be spent in Ottawa, watching some World Juniors action (thanks to the second-hand tickets which will soon be acquired from a guy on my baseball team this past summer), getting shitcanned on cheap beer, and hopefully watching Canada kick the crap out of the US in a random bar on a big screen on New Year's Eve. It's gonna be an adventure, as times with Matt always are.

If you happen to be in the GTA on the night of Friday, December 19, the legendary White Cowbell Oklahoma will be playing their legendary Christmas show at the somewhat-legendary Lee's Palace. Tickets are $15 (plus all the Ticketbastard charges), which is a bargain for all the debauchery and crassness you're guaranteed to get at a Cowbell show. Stop by if you're in the neighbourhood.

And if you happen to be reading this really soon after I write this, I'll be guest-DJing a standard 20-minute set tonight at Disgraceland (Bloor just west of Ossington). I plan on putting Steely Dan in the same set as King Khan and the Shrines. You have been warned.

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Michael said...

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