Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nobody reads blogs during the holidays.

You're all too busy eating, or driving, or shopping, or maybe all of the aforementioned, to park your ass in front of a computer and read some moron's incessant ramblings.

...then again, you're reading this now, aren't you? Shouldn't you be out somewhere being merry?

At any rate, it's been a solid Christmas season. White Cowbell Oklahoma got it off to a porny-good start on the day of Snowmageddon, as I mentioned already. I spent a day at the ROM with a friend and saw some bitchin'-huge dinosaur skeletons and neat-o artifacts from around the world; I'd never been there before, so I'll have to check that off my list of Toronto touristy things to do. Next up: the Hockey Hall of Fame (which us teachers can get into for free, by the way).

A snowy drive to my parents' place wasn't terribly fun the next day, but on Christmas Eve we got the whole clan together, which is always fun. We continued a bit of a family tradition and got the entire meal catered — dad and I made a quick run up to Sarnia to pick up the food, we brought it back, busted open the styrofoam cooler, and dug in. Add in the paper plates and you've got yourself one easy-ass Christmas dinner — hell, we even had enough leftovers to feed a family of six the next day, with food still left over.

On Boxing Day, I hit the highway to visit ECB and to partake in a bit of the shopping madness, in which I scored a 32" LCD TV for $479, which ain't bad at all. Rogers wants extra money for an HD cable box, of course — but I'll show ol' Uncle Ted's ghost that I don't need one, by using a cheapie antenna to pull in a few local stations that already broadcast in HD (e.g. CBC, City-TV, Global, CFMT). Take that, cable hegemony!

All of this is the "calm before the storm," though — the one and only (thank goodness) Matt and I are headed up to Ottawa tomorrow to partake in the World Junior tournament. We're seeing four games in person, and plan on taking in a couple more at assorted Ottawa watering-holes, so it should be a great time.

See you in the new year, jerks!

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Kelly said...

I'm against being merry.