Thursday, December 04, 2008

Good ol' Zell.

The Senate runoff race in Georgia is already decided, and Saxby Chambliss beat out Jim Martin... but I just can't get this damn SNL clip out of my head.

Since it's either this or mark Science quizzes, I tried to transcribe and compile all the names that "Zell Miller" came up with. I imagine the spellings aren't quite right, but they're fun nonetheless.
  • Saxby Chambliss
  • Zachamore Hooberry
  • Ghoulsby Scroggins
  • Mortimer Fapp
  • Derbil Mackinaw
  • Ebenezer Yackbaine
  • Jasper Quazelpoot
  • Peabody Tiddlecutt
  • Bernhardt Barnthistle
  • Templeton Thappletrapp
  • Fitzner Bloundt
  • Beezleton Kernwinkle
  • Tepp Joggletogg
  • Clementine Dimplethippy
  • Foster Macadoodle Doodydoo
Thanks to Eve for the heads-up.

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