Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What the wacko-Right are saying.

There's a blog I check occasionally, called Woman Honor Thyself. Don't let the overwhelming pinkness fool you; there's some pretty sinister sentiment going on. She makes Bill O'Reilly look like Gandhi, without a word of a lie.

(Also, don't read it for too long in one stretch. It's exhausting, and it'll just get you really, really mad.)

Anyway, I decided to pop over there today to see what she had to say about Obama winning the US election last night. Incidentally, of late she's been referring to him as "B. Hussein Obama" or just "Hussein Obama," and if she has to write out the word "Muslim," she'll intentionally misspell it (maybe so Google doesn't return a hit on her site for that word, I'd wager to say). Y'know, just to give you a little heads-up about what to expect. Today's post started off like this (multiple fonts and sizes and boldedness removed for clarity):

November 4th, 2008: A Day of Infamy.

Not since September 11, 2001, have I sensed such utter sadness and disbelief.

And yet I see Conservatives “congratulating” this man.

For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my fellow Americans.

They have blindly but knowingly elected a baby-killer, terrorist sympathizing, enemy of the United States Constitution and of Israel….to the White House.

Barak Hussein Obama is not the legitimate President of America.

Without Acorn voter fraud, voter intimidation, financing and support by the likes of Soros, radical Izlamic terrorist groups, and the Media in his pocket, this day would not be unfolding as the Nightmare it is.

Barry Hussein Obama is, and was all along, nothing short of a political fraud.

He misled and misinformed anyone gullible enough to overlook all his terrorist associations, about who and what he truly is.

Ah yes..Hope, Change!….and a breath of fresh air from a campaign wreaking of duplicity and treachery.

What Barry Hussein Obama a radical, committed Socialist who is chomping at the bit to impose his version of a Marxist dictatorship upon these United States of America.

All the while... advancing the interests of his secret love: Izlam.

Sharia financing is right around the next bend.
Wait and see.
Free speech for anyone criticizing Islam will be squelched via abuse of the “Fairness doctrine.”

Whoops! She left a non-misspelled "Islam" showing! I bet she'll fix that, though.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that people like this no longer have Their Man in charge anymore. And it feels pretty damn good.

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