Monday, November 24, 2008

TD Canada Trust? More like TD Don't Trust Us Because We Suck At Security.

Three months ago, right around the time I took my glitzy/glamorous trip to the Canadian prairies, I got a little phone call from TD Canada Trust, who was nice enough to give me a little plastic card to which I can charge stuff, and pay for it later, I promise!.

"Sir, it appears as if your credit card's security has been compromised. Come on in and we'll mail you a new one."

Not knowing if I'd receive the new card in time for my western sojourn, I nervously waited until the thing arrived in the mail, not two days before I was about to take off for a week and a half. (I had my Mastercard at the ready.)

Tonight, I got another call from TDCT — "Sir, it appears as if your debit card's security has been compromised. Come on in and we'll give you a new one on-site, because we'll be a little less douche-y this time, we promise."

So, after the guy on the other end of the phone managed to tell me that the closest TD branch that was open at the godforsaken hour of 7:25 pm (are there people still up then? Golly!) was at "990 PAH-pay Avenue" (i.e., Pape), I headed off in pursuit of plastic. Luckily, the teller was cute.

The thing that gets me about both of these situations is, they can't really tell you what sorts of shenanigans went into the compromising of your security information; specifically, they couldn't tell me tonight where someone first tried to use my card number. This would be extremely useful information for the people that actually use the things... How/where did this happen? What should I do differently? Should I stop scribbling my card's PIN and my Social Insurance Number on bathroom walls in dive-bars across our fair city or something? Little help over here!

Anyway, while I'm pleased that TDCT (goddamn it, get a shorter name... how about "Dominion Trust"? After all, every Dominion store I know of in the GTA has changed its sign to "Metro", so that frees up that name, sort-of) called me up promptly both times, I'm miffed that there appears to be very little follow-up in terms of finding out how to prevent this stuff in the future.

(Should I just stop using my cards to send money to Nigerian princes? Seriously, people should know if His Most Excellent And Holy Highness Atu-N!dongo is on the up-and-up or not.)

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Anonymous said...

I used to work there and let me tell you about all these scam fees, NSFs, withdraw fees and so forth. For example how the hell can you charge a person $5 for a withdraw made from a damn GIA account?! I mean I am embarrassed of that being my old work place. I never worked at a company with such a high turn over rate. I hate the cross selling that is required. In fact I think it does not even compare to the quality of service I get at other banks. FYI TD employees are one of the lowest paid among the Canadian major banks. Not to mention half the managers are on power trips. Seriously I think it's time to lay off some psycho paths and save money rather then charging people ridiculous fees ;) Anyone else notice they hire a lot of cute girls to deal with upset male clients...just saying.....