Thursday, November 13, 2008

A possible PhD program.

You know how, back in 2006-ish, people whose names were thrown-about as US presidential candidates would play all coy with reporters asking if they were going to make a run? "Well, I can't really answer that, although I'm in consultations with some potential people to begin pre-preliminary talks about thinking to maybe form an exploratory committee to possibly look at considering a stab at running. But the first thing I do, after I ask the Little Lord Baby Jesus for guidance, is sit down and talk with my family."

Well, in terms of me doing a PhD in education at OISE, I'm about at that stage (minus the family thing, unless you count my scores of illegitimate children in places like Haiti). I'm nosing-around their programs — apparently they have a "flexible-time" PhD program which can let you arrange stuff around your current job — but I'd have to make sure that (a.) it fits my schedule, (b.) I can get adequate funding, so (c.) I don't have to live like a shit-broke student, which would (d.) suck.

As for a topic of research, I think it would be interesting to be able to figure out how to measure, in an overall kind of way, how well a given set of curricula is meeting the needs of the students in a given educational jurisdiction, and how to persuade governments into spending the time and money into more, and more-frequent, in-depth analysis of how well things are going. A lot of places in the world do this — but the catch is that these are places that look at shitty metrics such as standardized test scores, which have a list of their own problems the length of Michael Phelps' so-called "wingspan." (I hear it's seven feet!)

Anyway, I hope I can do this from more of a classroom teacher's perspective, rather than that from an education professor who's spent the past several decades locked up in the Crystal Palace (to borrow a Queen's-ism). You gotta "keep it real," except when keeping it real goes wrong.

Didn't like people playin' on her phone
Kept it real
Other inmates "kept it realer"

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