Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The frailty of life.

So, my grandma had a stroke over the weekend. The prognosis is not good; at the very least, it appears as if she's comfortable. Now we wait, and that's the hardest part.

At times like this, you can't help but be a little reflective in terms of life, death, and parts in-between. You wonder, Am I making the most out of today?, or Do the people I love know I love them?, or What kind of legacy will I leave when I'm not around anymore? Tough questions, often with tough answers, if you answer them honestly.

Our family has never really been big on hugs; maybe it's the WASP in us (which is pretty strong). However, in the past few years, there have been more and more popping up at family gatherings, both big and small... most notably including my grandparents, and especially my grandma. The last time I paid them a visit this past summer, we had a good long chat about anything and everything under the sun, including this exchange which I don't think I'll ever forget:

Grandpa: So, is there any chance you might pack up and get a job back this way?

Me: Ah, well, you know, down there in Toronto, I've got a pretty good thing going, I think.

Grandma: Really? What's her name?

She never usually zinged one-liners off of people, but I must say she got me that day.

I've been extremely lucky with bereavements in my family; the last person close to me to pass away was when I was in Grade 9, which is a while ago. Hopefully I'll be able to deal with The Call when it comes.