Sunday, October 05, 2008

Nuit Blanche Recap.

There was a lot of stuff out there, and I probably missed a lot of great things. But, the top three things I saw were probably...

1. I Promise It Will Always Be This Way, Jon Sasaki
He got about a dozen of his buddies to dress up in ridiculous mascot costumes at Lamport Stadium to try and whip up the crowd... (a.) with typical stadium music, (b.) for 12 hours, and (c.) with no actual sporting event on the field. Some of the mascots waved pom-poms, slept on the field (much to the dismay of the crowd chanting "Bum-ble-bee! Bum-ble-bee!"), wrestled each other, chilled out with their heads off, or haphazardly danced to the music by themselves off to the side. It was so absurd and random, yet brilliant... my sides hurt from laughing. (Update!!! Video here.)

SMASH! Droppin' Stuff, The Custodians of Destruction
Get a SkyJack scissor-lift, load it up with TVs and computers and kids' toys and chairs, and throw 'em down from 25 feet up. Think about your trash, people!

3. Stereoscope, Project Blinkenlights
Take both halves of City Hall, put lamps in all the windows, and have an entire building act like a pixelboard video display, for a very cool effect. (Tough to take a picture of, because of the darkness and the motion of the picture.)

In conclusion... art!!!
(photos courtesy of SA, used without permission)


ecb said...

The last picture looks like Beck's video screen. Man I love Nuit Blanche. They have one here but I don't know when it is...will look it up. Posts that go no where, by Skelena Bazentine.

JTL said...

A post that goes nowhere?

You just made art.

Eve said...

Nuit blanche in my area blew. We had to walk 15 hours to get anywhere, and all of it was either pointless or non-existent.