Thursday, October 30, 2008

Channel surfing.

Yep. It's come to this: a trip around the dial.

MuchMoreMusic. Coldplay's music is actually pretty crappy. I watched part of the video for "Viva La Vida," and I am thorougly unimpressed. Now I'm watching a video for the latest song by Tegan and Sarah. They actually come up with some pretty decent songs, to be honest — not normally my cup of tea, but I don't mind them at all. When I lived in Calgary for a summer in the late '90s, they were just starting out, and I'd see posters for them all the time. My officemate and I used to joke that "oh, those two dudes are playing another show this weekend."

BBC World News. I think if I watched this more often, I'd be a better person. I used to think this about CBC Radio, too; now I listen to it most mornings. Maybe it's just a matter of time.

CMT. I pay for this?

Slice. It used to be called "Life." I didn't watch it then, either. How desperate does a channel have to be to air a re-run of ET Canada? (I still can't believe Rick the Temp stooped to this.)

Discovery. I saw Jay Ingram speak at a PD session for science teachers in Toronto last year, and he was extremely well-informed about the stuff we're facing in the schools. Good guy.

Comedy. Just for Laughs is featuring my least-favourite musical comedy duo of all time, Bowser and Blue. Their schlock-factor is off the charts. At least the always-entertaining Harland Williams got to interview them just offstage.

Teletoon. I currently teach a kid that totally looks like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. Otherwise, this cartoon fucking sucks. Why did people like this?

HGTV. If it ain't Holmes on Homes, I flip right past this bastard.

BET. I've been watching this show for about two minutes, and I have no idea what it is. I think they're doing a behind-the-scenes thing on the set of some R&B singer's video, but because I know exactly zero R&B singers these days, this is completely lost on me. The little graphic in the bottom-right corner, though, tells me that a new season of American Gangster starts tonight at 10, so I'll have to put that on my Google Calendar, now, won't I?

I think this little excursion around the offerings of Uncle Ted nicely validates the reason I (a.) don't watch a lot of TV, and therefore (b.) refuse to upgrade to a fancy new LCD model in the near future. Do I really need to see all these shitty shows in high-definition? They'll look even worse there, I imagine.

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Eve said...

Now that I'm living with the folks, having access to cable has killed my productivity. I miss having 2 channels.