Tuesday, September 09, 2008

You can't keep a good man like me down.

Thought I got trapped under something heavy, didn't ya? Maybe that, a few days into the new school year, the rugrats were running roughshod over me? Or perhaps you thought I went on a three-week whiskey bender, got myself married to a woman named Candii who dots those i's with hearts, and ditched this one-moose town for good.

Nope! I've just been (paradoxically) both busy and lazy for the past week.

The school year's starting off well. I genuinely like all my kids in all my classes, which is always a good sign. Mind you, the school's administration couldn't timetable themselves out of a wet paper bag, so one of my classes has 23 and the other 33; meanwhile, kids have to wait forever for a guidance counsellor appointment (of course, all but one counsellor is out of the building by 3:45). But hey, whadda ya gonna do... be competent or something?

All that work last week meant I deserved to do something fun, so my buddy and I hopped in the car and headed up to Ottawa for a bachelor party. While we missed the afternoon of paintball, we still managed to get in on the (a.) greasy Chinese food, (b.) booze and (c.) burlesque. In the end, it was a fantastic way to send JP off into the bold new frontier of married life; I just hope his wife doesn't discover his "JP's Last Stand" t-shirt covered in the Sharpie-based well-wishes of about a dozen strippers from Hull. (Or, if she does, I hope she's cool.)

Oh, and there's a federal election. My basic premise is this:


In other news, I bought a record player! Yup, I took a bold new step into the 20th century. No more Edison wax cylinders for this guy.


Renee said...

Now I'm not usually a violent person, but two conservative lawn-signs went up on the houses across the street and now every time I see those neighbours I want to walk up to them and punch them. For being so fucking stupid.

Renee said...

It's like, "I'm sorry, I didn't realize that you were a goddamn idiot. I had no idea. How do you manage to tie your shoes in the morning, being so utterly retarded? Isn't it hard to find gainful employment with such an obvious intellectual handicap? WHY ARE YOU SO FUCKING STUPID?" Except that I just get so angry and inarticulate that I have to stomp up the driveway muttering to myself about fucking handbaskets and people who aren't just content to go to hell but want to take us all down with them.

You know?