Monday, September 01, 2008

Police Thugs at the RNC.

I wasn't aware that the police were doing a nice little job at the Democratic National Convention in Denver last week, hassling protestors — and by "nice" I mean "probably totally bat-shit illegal."

This is something you'd expect at the Republican convention... which is exactly what we're seeing. Riot cops are busting into places where alt-media people have been converging before the RNC, arresting people on trumped-up charges of "conspiracy to commit riot" (which a lawyer who was interviewed said is about the flimsiest charge you can think of; similar charges were used in the 1968 DNC in Chicago in order to chuck protestors behind bars).

But perhaps the most egregious and surprising development is the unlawful arrest of Amy Goodman of Democracy Now (including video). To use an analogy: Goodman is to alt-media as, say, Tom Brokaw is to the mainstream media. I'd say they're about as equally mild-mannered, too.

This shit is crazy.

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Middle_America said...

Crazy is right. During the DNC, they constructed cages to place the protesters in (that was ahem out of hand).

Initially, the cages actually had razor wire on top of the cages.

However, they pulled those off, when the first camera crews started showing that.