Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summer, we hardly knew ye.

Did you know that "ye" was actually pronounced "thee," but the letter Y was just a short-form that printers used? I didn't, until I started reading my second Bill Bryson book on language, Made in America: An informal history of the English language in the United States. But I'm a nerd about things like that.

So, here we are. Three more days of slovenly slacking, and then it's back to the ol' 9-to-3:15-and-not-a-second-longer drag of teaching. Boy, I love how my work day always ends crisply at 3:15 in the afternoon. Makes me feel like a slacker sometimes! Hoo-boy, I should get me an evening job, so I don't feel all guilty and stuff.

I'm making sure my last few days of freedom are well-spent, though. For instance, for the better part of an hour, I've been going through the archives at Big Fat Whale, which is a treasure-trove of funny delights. He even makes fun of Canada! Oh, that nutty Brian McFadden.

I also took in Morgan Spurlock's second feature-length documentary, Where in the World is Osama bin Laden?. I enjoyed it, and learned some stuff about the World's Most Wanted Man in the process. But, I think the most interesting facet of this film was that he talked to average, everyday folks in a bunch of countries which only seem to get their craziest/most fanatical/prayingest people on the evening news. For instance, have you ever heard three random Saudi Arabian women talking about how they don't view their country's policies as oppressive? Agree with them or not, it's definitely not something you'd see routinely on ABNBCBSCNN. Another highlight was an exchange (through a translator) between Spurlock and some random old guy in a random city in Afghanistan:

SPURLOCK: "Do you know where Osama bin Laden is?"
OLD GUY: "Who's that?"
SPURLOCK: "He's the guy who flew the planes into the buildings in America."
OLD GUY: "Oh yeah. Fuck him, and fuck America."

Finally, I feel like I have to comment on Month 16 of the 2008 US Election Extravaganza Clusterfuckfest. Two things come to mind:
  1. Do you realize that, ensconsced entirely within just the twilight of the American election process, Canada could both (a.) start and (b.) finish their own federal election? It looks like Harper's gonna bring down Parliament next week and call for an October 14 election.* We'll vote, count, and still have about four weeks to spare before some random "battleground state" fucks up their hanging chads or their ritualistic disenfranchisement of poor black people or whatever they dream up this time.
  2. By announcing Sarah Palin, the hot, inexperienced yet scandal-ridden hockey-mom governor of Alaska, as his runningmate, John McCain very successfully stole the News Cycle away from Barack Obama's excellent speech which closed out the Democratic convention. Friday's news should have been all, "Hey, so, that Obama guy looks like he'd a make a pretty good president, eh?" — but instead it was all, "Holy hell, a broad for a runningmate? A Republican broad? Let's get the pundits on that!"
In conclusion, Libya is a land of contrasts. The end.

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