Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My head is still on!

I managed to make it, via Greyhound, from Edmonton to Saskatoon, and still have my head attached to my torso (unlike that other guy recently).

Some observations about Edmonton:
  • People there never, ever jaywalk. They also wait extremely patiently for the little "walk-dude" to light up before they even make a motion towards crossing the street.
  • The city has two downtowns; one north of the river (Edmonton) and one south of it (Old Strathcona). The southern one is more exciting; Whyte Avenue feels a little bit like Queen West in Toronto, yet still has a wild-west, windswept, cowboy kind of feel.
  • The northern one has a lot of office buildings and parking lots.
  • There are a lot of motorcycles.
  • "Heritage Days" prove that the city actually has ethnic diversity aside from Ukrainian (although we did take in a Ukrainian dancing show).
  • The mosquitos by the North Saskatchewan River have an unquenchable thirst for pale Ontarians.
Here in Saskatoon, our little nerdy-teacher-workshop-thing gets underway tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing exactly what a synchrotron looks like and/or does. At least the hard part (arriving in Toon Town in one piece) is behind me.

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Renee said...

My cousin, who lives in Edmonton, calls it The Air Force. The swarm of mosquitoes, that is. "Ah, the Air Force is out tonight." (smack)