Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Four things.

1. Bands Gone AWOL, Until Now.
Econoline Crush is a band I haven't thought about — largely with good reason — in about a decade. However, today while walking back to the hotel, I saw a poster for a show which constitutes of them opening for 3 Doors Down. It's this Friday night, and I'd totally still be in Saskatoon for that show... but I guess I just don't like EC that much (and I've always hated 3DD). So, I think I'll just spend the evening planning out my trip to the Ukrainian Museum of Saskatoon, which is apparently right next door to my hotel.

2. Polite Drivers.
Here in Saskatoon, there are a whole bunch of pedestrian crosswalks across streets. They're not like the ones we have in Ontario, which have huge yellow signs and lights a-blazin; they simply have some zebra-stripes painted across the road, and a little white "walking dude" sign for drivers. I swear to god/God/G-d/Allah/Teddy Savalas, if you're standing on the sidewalk and you look like you might be considering crossing the street anytime this week, drivers screech to a halt for you. I just know I'll get spoiled with four days of this, and seven hours after I return to Toronto, I'll get blindsided by a Toyota as I cross the street.

3. Pickup Trucks.
I saw them in Edmonton, and I'm seeing them here in Saskatoon. The main difference is that the ones here actually look like they've seen a dirt road in their lifetime, and aren't just of the "hey, I'm a city-kid who worked in the oil patch for six months and made an obscene amount of money and I had to blow it on this because I'm an Albertan which means technically I'm a cowboy" variety.

4. Bikes On Sidewalks.
I've seen quite a few bicycles here in Toon-Town, and exactly 100% of them have been on the sidewalk. I could've sworn that was illegal. Tomorrow I'm carrying a hockey stick to jab in their spokes as they whizz past me on the 25th Street Bridge.

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ecb said...

Man, I loved EC. I'll bet the only original member is Trever Hurst. I feel bad for them, they were kind of a big deal for a brief time in Canadian history. I'm glad they're still working so I don't have to worry anymore.