Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Faster, higher, stupider.

The breaststroke has got to be about the dumbest invention that humans have ever dreamed-up.

Triple jump is a close second.

I love the Olympics, I really do.


Eve said...

I did the triple jump! It is a very useful sport. It measures your ability to do three different types of jumps in quick succession. If you are running from a tiger and don't know how to change from a hop to a skip, you are pretty much fucked.


JTL said...

Touché, my friend.


Christine said...

My favourite useless sport so far has been synchronized diving.

If you thought doing a back 2½ somersault 2½ twists pike off of a board 10m from the surface of the water was out there, then you've obviously never tried doing it in perfect synchronization with another guy doing the exact same ridiculous dive.

This completely useless sport was for some reason introduced in 2000, when they can't even get Squash in yet for gods sake. Incidentally, China are 4 for 4 in synchronized diving medals.

Vern said...

I was also a triple jumped. And I hated it. Dumbest event in track, even dumber than pole vault, steeplechase, and the 400m hurdles.

Vern said...