Monday, July 07, 2008

You know, I wish I had something more to tell you.

Two months without having to work is an extreme luxury, I'll grant you that. However, this means people expect you to have some sort of grandiose answer for when they ask you, "So, do you have any big plans for the summer?"

Acceptable answers seem to include the following:
  • breeding giant pandas to replenish the wild population
  • travelling to Antarctica
  • perfecting cold fusion once and for all
  • writing the Great American Novel
  • knitting an entire set of loud "Cosby sweaters" for the offensive line of the Toronto Argonauts
  • figuring out how to fully recharge my iBook's dying battery
  • determining who exactly shot J.R.
  • winning at least three stages of the Tour de France
  • breeding giant pandas to replenish the Girls Gone Wild population
Now, while my regimen the past few days hasn't exactly included Otto the Bus Driver's proclamation of "Spaghetti-O's and daytime television" (I don't think I've turned on my TV today, other than to catch highlights of last night's Tiger game in which they beat the Mariners 2-1 in 15 innings, with the M's using their backup catcher to pitch the 15th to make up for an injury-depleted bullpen), it hasn't exactly been an eventful time, to say the least. Highlights have included sleeping late, plentiful naps, and... um... more sleeping late.

I mean, just take a look at this here blog. I tend to post more often when stuff is happening all around me — yet, my last post was eight days ago. My summer is actually peppered with medium-sized events (trips to Detroit, Edmonton/Saskatoon and Toledo/Cleveland/Chicago are coming down the pipe), but in between them... it's pretty relaxed around here.

That's pretty much how it was last summer, too.

(Hey, I ain't complainin'.)


Middle_America said...

At times, relax is good. Enjoy it while you can.

Dan said...

You and your dreadful Tigers.

How are the Cleveland Indians supposed to get out of the basement of the league if they keep getting beaten down by the likes of the Tigers?

I curse you, J!

p.s. Have a great summer!