Thursday, July 17, 2008

Colbert, genius is thy name.

Last night's Colbert Report found Steven giving his "Alpha Dog of the Week" award to none other than President George W. Bush, for his conduct at his last G8 meeting (previously reported here). As Mr. Colbert said,

You hear that, World? George Bush hates the environment so much he punches the air. [makes punching motion] "Ooooh, I hate you! I hate you, air!" This is terrific. President Bush may be a lame duck, but nobody told that to his balls. Picture it... he said this to the most powerful leaders on Earth! And the Canadian Prime Minister!

Also on the show, making their first TV appearance in thirty years:


Sweet Jesus, if it was possible for me to bear his children — using his Formula 401-brand man-seed — I totally would. (See clips from the show here.)

* * * * * * *

Wait, is it supposed to be, "Genius, 'Colbert' is thy name?"

Aw, who the hell cares. Just watch the Report.

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Dan said...

Rush was on The Trailer Park Boys a little while back, they played "Closer to the Heart", but I guess since it was a cameo it doesn't really count.