Saturday, July 26, 2008

Breathe in, then out.

I'm okay now.

Seriously, I am — last night's blowout after Todd Jones essentially threw away the Tigers' 2008 season is well behind me, insofar as now I'm completely resigned to Detroit finishing the season with something along the lines of an 83-79 record, far out of the playoffs, about ten games behind the White Sox after perhaps making an early-September run when they close the gap to maybe four or so games but then lose, like, seven in a row and slide back into an extremely expensive flavour of mediocrity.

However, through the wonders of Statcounter, which tracks each and every page-load on this here blog (PS: I can totally see you right now), it came to my attention that, if you typed in something including the Tigers' closer's name and the f-word, my post came up pretty high on the list. Even just now, almost a day later, I don't do too badly in the search results:

Not bad, eh? A day later and I'm still #3 on the list.

In other news, get yourself a copy of Matt Taibbi's latest book, The Great Derangement. Just a sample of the introductory chapter, when he compares the nuttiness of some on the far left (e.g. the "9/11 Truthers" conspiracists) and the far right (e.g. Ron Paul's collection of wack-job fans):

Abandoned by the political center, both groups ascribed unblinkingly to a militant, us-against-them worldview, where only their own could be trusted. What made them distinctly American was that, while actually the victims of an obvious, unhidden conspiracy of corrupt political power, they chose to battle bugbears that were completely idiotic, fanciful and imaginary. At a time when the country desperately needed its citizens to man up and seize control of their common destiny, they instead crawled into alleys and feverishly jacked themselves off in frenzies of panicked narcissism.



Vandelay said...

I think it was an unfair assault on Todd Jones anyway. Can you really be mad at Todd Jones for you know...being Todd Jones?

Fuck Jim Leyland.

/Roots for a team with greatest closer of all time so can't relate.

Dan said...

J, my plight is pretty similar to yours. My team is Cleveland.

Your Tigers are facing Tribe tonight and, hopefully, my boys can start working their way out of the gutter. Well, at least we're doing better than the Mariners.