Sunday, June 08, 2008

This Sunday has rocked the casbah.

In chronological order:

1. The Greatest Pizza In The World (Non-Deep-Dish Category)

Beamsville, Ontario is a quaint town in Niagara Region, between Hamilton and St. Catharines. My buddy Matt's mom lives there, and I've visited him there a few times (thanks for letting me crash on your downstairs couch).

On one such visit, Matt and I headed uptown to grab a slice of pizza. Little did I know that MY LIFE WOULD CHANGE THAT DAY, with a visit to Your Neighbourhood Pizza Company (5008 King Street, Beamsville, 905-563-8777). Their pizza is a perfect mix of toppings: not too much, not too little, of anything you happen to get on it. The crust is magnificent, with just an extra hint of crispiness on the bottom which most other pies don't quite get right. It certainly doesn't blow you away, but at the end you can only conclude that, "Holy fuck, that was some fucking perfect pizza."

I came back to Toronto from St. Catharines today, and made sure to stop off there. If you're in the area, stop by for a slice. Be sure to tell them that "pasty idiot moron guy with the thing and the black car" sent you.

2. We Won A Game

Our slo-pitch team is usually extremely overmatched in its games. Not so tonight, in our second game in amongst the lightning and the raindrops and the flying ants... we actually won one, 10-7. I played third base, which I like because it's a great mix of reflexes, positioning and reading the batter — and it's always fun to gun a throw across the diamond to first to nail the runner by a half-step. Oh, and it's far less running than the outfield; can't say that doesn't factor into it, too.

3. Air Conditioners Ahoy

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and seeing as how my apartment turned into a goddamn sauna over the weekend (as it has the past two summers for five straight months), I finally wrestled my newly-acquired window air conditioner into a window.

I sure hope it's not going to fall... I don't think it is, but hey, gravity's a tricky bitch sometimes.

Anyway, here I sit in my living room, with my Frigidaire 5200 BTU beauty (with a remote!) pointing at me, and... you could not imagine how awesome this is, for someone who truly despises the oppressive heat Toronto can throw at a man. This is better than a car filled with diamonds and blowjobs, it really is.

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