Saturday, May 31, 2008

My history of movie recommendations.

There's a recently-retired teacher who comes in and regularly does supply-teaching at our school. She's great with our kids, knows most of them because she's in so often, and she knows her way around the school because she taught there for so long; to wit, she once chaperoned a school dance there where the band was Rush. I shit you not. ("Nice boys," she said.)

She's also a big film buff, and likes quality flicks. A couple of years ago, I saw the Mexican film Y Tu Mama Tambien, and recommended it to her the following week. What I forgot about this film was that the very opening scene, even before the credits, is composed entirely of two 18-year-olds fucking each other's brains out, exceedingly graphically... press play, two seconds of blackness, then some furniture-destroying shaggin' accompanied by grunting and groaning that would've made Monica Seles proud.

Perhaps this colleague of mine was trying to exact some revenge on me lately when she recommended Lars and the Real Girl to me. The setup: a lonely guy in a small northern-American town (played by Canadian Ryan Gosling, and also apparently shot in different places in Ontario), who lives in the garage behind his parents' old house in which his brother and pregnant sister-in-law now live, orders a Real Doll and treats her like his girlfriend, all around town.

That's right... a Real Doll — those anatomically-correct, exceedingly life-like latex dolls that are usually used strictly for, ahem, "penetrative" purposes.

Oh, that's fine. Go ahead and be sceptical of this film. I was too, until I saw it this afternoon. It was actually pretty solid, well-acted, and the characters were very deeply-portrayed... although it made something like Fargo look pretty normal in comparison, and that's a pretty quirky movie itself.

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