Wednesday, May 07, 2008

An international bitch-slap.

I've been jonesin' to call out the government of Burma — I don't do the whole "Myanmar" thing — and this seems like a pretty good time to do it.

I mean, first off, it's Burma and the US alone who haven't officially adopted the Metric system. Get with the times, jerks!

Perhaps more importantly these days is Burma's reaction to the gigantic cyclone which kicked their ass recently. The place is a catastrofuck of immense proportions, as some reports now are saying 100,000 people could be dead. That's some serious trouble, and a country with as shoddy an infrastructure as Burma should take all the help it can get.

But no... they'd rather get help "on their own terms" and from "traditional allies" such as Thailand and China. Countries like the US and Canada are lining up cash, people and supplies... and are being turned down.

Can you fucking believe this?! Think about it: the government of Burma is putting the pride of its military dictatorship above the well-being of a giant chunk of its people.

Pride before people. Jesus, it sounds like the mantra of the Conservative Party of Canada, doesn't it? The only difference here is that a population the size of Thunder Bay hasn't died in the matter of a couple of days. I mean, Stephen Harper's a dick and all, but this is way past that.

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Dave said...

Wow, the similarities (pride of ruling elite, infrastructure to support aid, etc.) are disturbingly similar to Katrina.

I wonder what would happen if those were white people, or if this happened in London, how the response might differ?