Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Things that occupy my thoughts.

I'd say the majority of what I think about, in order of overall time spent thinking (with a tie for second), goes like this:

1. Women
Mysterious, frustrating and maddening... yet they look great and smell even better.

2a. Music
Lisa Simpson talks to a violinist after her set at the Jazz Hole:
Lisa: "Great set!"
Violinist: "Oh, thanks! But the crowd kept looking at me like I was using too many augmented 9ths."
Lisa: "Ah, they just came for the buffalo wings."
I would have come for the augmented 9ths.

2b. Baseball
I play it, I watch it, I listen to it, and this year I even coach it; I hit pop-flies yesterday morning at 8:00 on a dewy soccer field to a dozen teenagers, and my legs still hurt like hell. Yet, I dig it.

4. Geeky Things
Unlike Riz, I try to keep this fairly well hidden.

5. Politics
Matt Taibbi and Hunter Thompson are my Dan Brown and... uh... whoever the hell else puts out novels. Does Harry Potter still write books? I don't keep track of these sorts of things.

6. Physics
Misinterpret quantum physics and I'll knock you the fuck out.

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