Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's bad.

It's real bad. Paper-bag-on-the-head-with-holes-cut-out-for-eyes bad.

Today, for instance, the White Sox thumped not one, but two grand slams against the Tigers on their way to kicking their asses, 11-0. But hey, don't just take one day's worth of evidence; take 12 games, of which the Tigers have lost 10:

Category  Tigers  AL Avg   AL Rank     11th-Place Team
ERA 5.94 4.04 12th (last) Cleveland (4.74)
Avg .235 .254 12th (last) Oakland (.239)

Yup. It's just that awful.

The question is this: Why is this Tiger team so laden with stars, which looked to dominate the entire American League, so shitty?

I think I have the answer: Because so many of them have guaranteed contracts for fat fucking salaries. Think about it... you already know you're getting several million dollars for the next several years. Why bother putting in the extra effort? It's like when Steve Martin hosted SNL and observed that, because the scripts were on cue cards, memorizing lines was pointless.


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