Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Busy these days.

I haven't been writing much lately.

Ask for a god damn refund on your money, then!

...oh? What's that? You don't pay to read this? Then I would suggest you GET BENT.

Moving on.

Not including this week, there are six weeks left until my Freedom Sweet Freedom. (Precisely speaking, there's six weeks until the kiddies are in exams, but that's a breeze. For the next week or so I go in and clean-n'-prepare for September, but after that it's two solid months of "Spaghetti-O's and daytime TV," to quote Otto the Bus Driver.)

But, as is always the case, MayJune will be an extremely busy time, as the baseball team I co-coach will be playing at least one game per week, and I'm taking my Physics class to Canada's Wonderland to do experiments on the rides. Also, my niece turns 3, and my own slo-pitch team is starting its season (a bit early, perhaps).

Plus, I'm going to make more of an effort to get out-and-about in this here town, in the months to follow. Being a hermit is fun, to be sure, but there comes a point where you have to hit the town, have some beers, see some shows and meet some people.

I'm re-watching the very excellent High Fidelity at the moment, and like (I imagine) thousands of men who have also seen this flick, I can identify very strongly with John Cusack's character, Rob Gordon:
  1. We're both music nerds
  2. We're both hard-done-by on the romance side of life
  3. We think about things way too much
  4. We have nice apartments
  5. We make lists of five items
Mind you, I'm not quite as emotional or neurotic as Rob; then again, I'm not a fictional character in a movie. Either way, when you see a character in a film with whom you can identify, it's always at least a little bit satisfying to know you're not alone in your troubles/neuroses/afflictions/foibles.


ecb said...

I am unconvinced that you're a real person.

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