Monday, March 03, 2008

You seriously need to read this story now.

Over there on the right side of this here page, I have a link to Jason Mulgrew's blog. Maybe you're familiar with it, and maybe you're not — if you fall into the latter category, let me just say you don't quite know what you're missing.

At any rate, on the latest post ("shore recap and other miscellany"), he does his Six Songs thing, as per usual. However, the story attached to the last song on the list is just so... I don't know... it just seems like something that would happen to me, exactly in that way, with exactly the same outcome.

I can't tell you the number of times I've had an encounter where you really do only get one shot at making a good impression — be it in a romantic milieu or otherwise — and, for whatever reason, shit just absolutely does not go your way. Every joke you tell falls flat; every word you say sounds stupid; every chance you get to prove you're awesome ends in a spectacular, plane-hits-a-mountainside disaster. If you could rewind the world five minutes and start over and just keep your damn mouth shut and only say things that would turn out right and not make a fool of yourself because you've got exactly one shot and don't fuck it up and goddammit why'd you say that and oh hell she thinks you're a bumbling idiot and congratulations you've just cacked it up again.

Yeah. I've got a little experience doing that.


Just read it.

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