Saturday, March 01, 2008

Three things.

Thing the First: Facebook's being a pack of bitches.

My hometown is very small, but it's my hometown, dammit. Because it's not on their list, I can't even type it in and have it stick. I emailed Facebook and they said they're "working on it." I don't think they are.

Thing the Second: I baked this bitch.

I took an existing recipe and cut it in half, but it's kinda hard to judge exactly half a packet of yeast, and I don't think I quite used enough. To my surprise, though, the dough actually did rise when I wanted it to — but I truly didn't realize how long a process this is, start to finish (about three hours, but a lot of that was waiting for yeast to do its thing). This has been a goal of mine for quite a while, and now I can say I actually did it. Hooray for me.

Thing the Third: Who are all you bitches?

I use this doohickey called StatCounter; I've had it on my blog pretty much since it started. It just tells me how many hits I get on this site, and a bit of info about who visits the site.

(Don't worry — it doesn't tell me what you're wearing. Except if you're nekkid. ECB, I'm looking at you... put something on! You'll freeze to death.)

Anyway, there seems to be someone who consistently checks-in from somewhere in or around Oakland, California. You use Linux. Who are you?! You fascinate me.

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