Saturday, March 15, 2008

New culinary experiences and preparing for Doctor Jellyfingers.

Last night's baseball game was rained out, which is kind of a bummer. But, I did have a new experience at the park nonetheless: at one of the concession stands, they were selling something called "boiled peanuts," and were offering little samples for people to try. So, being the curious sort I am, I asked the lady if I could try one, because, really, who the fuck has ever had a boiled peanut outside of Florida?

She demonstrated the technique, which I'll get to in a second — but first, let me describe the product itself, because I imagine that you're at the stage now that I was about 15 hours ago: completely ignorant of what they are. Here's the deal... you take peanuts in the shell, boil them in saltwater for about 12 hours, then you fish them out of the hot brine with a scooper, and serve them hot. Appetizing, no?

Now, as for eating these things, here's what you do:
  1. Put the entire thing in your mouth — the peanuts are still in the shell, mind you.
  2. Use your molars to crack the shell slightly.
  3. Remove the peanut from your mouth, but "suck the juice out." Remember, it's hot saltwater.
  4. Use your fingers to open the shell completely.
  5. Eat the peanuts inside.
Before I popped the things in my mouth, the lady advised me, "The boiling changes their consistency. Think less 'peanut' and more 'baked potato'." Appetizing, no?

I tried the things, and very promptly asked for a container of caramel corn.

* * * * * * * * *

I'm currently sitting in Tampa International Airport, which is nice enough to offer free wireless internet access in the terminal (unlike the cheapskates in Flint, who nick you for $14.95). However, security searches are getting even more intrusive: if you have a hoodie on, they make you take it off. Along with your shoes. And if you have a laptop, it needs a plastic bin all by itself.

I figure within two or three years, full cavity-searches will be mandatory. I just hope The Good Doctor's hands aren't cold.

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