Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This is why I love Stephen Colbert.

During tonight's interview:

Colbert: [extremely long and detailed explanation about how God doesn't send people to Hell, people actually send themselves there]

Guest, who is a Professor of Theology: Well, you certainly learned well in Sunday School.

Colbert: I teach Sunday School, motherfucker.

...which he does.


Renee said...

It takes real class to pull off an effective "motherfucker."

Renee said...

BTW, if you like The Mars Volta then you'll love Twilight Singers. Fronted by Greg Dulli from The Afghan Whigs, who remain the greatest '90s band of all time, Nirvana bedamned. Brain-melting goodness, but with a dash of despair and hopelessness (but none of that emo shit).