Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh those wacky Conservatives.

I guess Harper & Co. are expecting the writs to drop pretty soon — after all, the Libs can only abdicate their responsibility as Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition on confidence-motions for so long. "You should shit or get off the pot," as Randall Graves might say.

As such, the Cons are ramping up their PR department with cheeky flyers. I got one a few weeks ago and was going send a snide response, but got lazy and didn't bother. Today, though, I found two separate mail-outs in my mailbox, and I couldn't help but think of sarcastic comebacks for both of them.

The first dealt with the $1200 "child care benefit," ostensibly so you, a parent, can get quality child care (assuming you can even find a space in a low-cost program; this tax rebate puports to help people who need the money)... instead of the government stepping in and doing its governmently duty of, y'know, doing shit for people like creating spaces. "Turn it over to the private sector," Stevie sez.

Stevie sends these out with a little check-box you can fill in (either beside "Let me keep my child care benefit" or "Lose my child care benefit;" I checked the latter), and instructions on how to fold them and send them back, no postage necessary. I imagine he sends these things out and expects to get whole bunch of them back saying, "Heck yes, Mr. Prime Minister/CEO, you are right as rain! That picture of Stephane Dion sure is unflattering!" After all, Stevie has a history of thinking everyone just, y'know, has to agree with him. ("Does not play well with others," I bet it said on his Bessborough Road Public School report card, time and time again.)

The other one talked about cutting the GST:

I could go through the math here in detail, or I could sum it up by comparing a cut in a consumption tax (e.g. any sales tax) to one of those "the more you spend, the more you save" slogans a furniture store might use. Long story short, a cut in the GST saves you more money if you spend more money, and rich people sure do spend more money than poor people. Also, things like investments and savings — which rich people can afford to do far more than poor people — aren't subject to these consumption taxes, so they save again. It's a "gap between the rich and poor grows wider every day" extravaganza!

...then again, Conservatives don't really give two shits about poor people anyway.


Eve said...

Funny how they mailed these things to people with homes.

The 5% GST business is a big scam. Did you see the Marketplace segment they did on the GST? Quite a few companies (like big movie and musical theatres) are hiking the pre-tax subtotals and absorbing the GST reduction themselves.

Dave said...

Hey dude,

Because people with lower incomes spend a greater proportion of their income (everyone having a baseline of necessities, housing, etc), cuts to the GST are seen as progressive. Cuts to income tax, dividend tax, and stuff like that is seen as generally favouring the rich. I could, however, be wrong.