Saturday, February 16, 2008

I love you, KEXP.

This radio station (website here) continues to blow my goddamn mind.

Check out this random set of songs on a random Saturday afternoon:
  1. The Transmissionary Six — Zero Gravity
    (a cool, laid-back songwriting duo)
  2. Brian Eno — Here Come The Warm Jets
    (music legend that never gets enough attention)
  3. Holy Fuck — Echo Sam
    (cracked-out Canadian band)
  4. Kultur Shock — God Is Busy
    (a mix of Gogol Bordello and The Ramones)
  5. Jane's Addiction — Mountain Song
    ("Been Caught Stealing" is good and all...)
Also, there was none of this annoying "bzzzzzzzzorrrt! You're listening to KEXP! Listen to the Morning Show with Bulldog and the Gimp every morning! KEXP! bzzzzzzzorrrrt!" between the songs either. God dammit I hate that.

And anytime a DJ says something like, "Coming up in a bit I have new stuff from Nada Surf, but first here's a band from Scotland, 'Sons and Daughters.' Enjoy.", they automatically endear themself to me.


Eve said...

You're listening to Dingo and The Baby!

Duder said...

I'm going to leave a comment that relates to two of your posts. Is that a blog faux pas? Nonetheless, allow me to forge on:
Check out SomaFM.
Three songs stuck in my head?
-Me and Bobby McGee - Janis Joplin
-Brian Wilson - Barenaked Ladies
-Fire Eye'd Boy - Broken Social Scene