Friday, February 08, 2008

Extremely short, extremely random music tidbits.

1. "Travelin' Band" by CCR is a really, really good song.

2. I teach a kid now whose first name is "Branavan" (he's brown, it's ok). Every time I see his name written on the class list, I (very unfortunately) start thinking of the song "Drinking In L.A." by crappy '90s semi-hip-hop group Bran Van 3000.

3. New album by Mars Volta? Extremely good. Less weirdo-electro-crazed-coyote effects, but still with their unique psych-prog-freakout-rock vibe. A shade below "De-Loused," which I'd put a hair below "Frances," but definitely above "Ampu," which I didn't much like at all.

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Renee said...

Branavan? Mom wanted Donovan and Dad wanted Brandon.