Monday, January 07, 2008

This and that, and the other.

1. The weather.

Ten-thirty at night on January 7th, and it's 14°C? That's fucked.

2. First day back.

Felt like a goddamn marathon.

3. Met my not-so-new neighbour.

Across the hall. Another teacher. Queen's grad. Far less surly than the previous occupant (also a teacher). Been there three months. Yeah, people in this building don't really talk to each other much, I find.

4. The Golden Dogs.

Any one of these should get your ass movin'. "Construction Worker" is my favourite these days. Love the girl/boy harmonies.

5. A new blog.

Frequent site-contributor ECB has a new blog. It's here. Did she live through her move to Chicago? Pop on over and find out.

6. Ellen Page infatuation.

Continues unabated.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug, guy. More posts on the way - you know you want to know the deal about the torn underwear...admit it you sickos.