Thursday, January 31, 2008


Here's what you gotta do.
  1. Turn your computer's speakers up real loud-like.
  2. Dial up your web browser to the Myspace page of Howlin Rain, here.
  3. Hold onto something tight: your desk, your significant-other, your bowl of Master Choice Fruit Whirls, something. You'll need it.
  4. The song "Dancers At The End Of Time" should start playing.
  5. Revel in the Rock and Roll Kickassery.
Seriously... why are bands these days (with a very few exceptions) afraid to rock this hard and this soulfully? The organ would make Richard Dawkins fall down and praise the name of Jesus; the lead singer is the love-child of Janis Joplin and Bon Scott; the guitars are unrelenting for almost six minutes.

In the words of Robert Goulet, "do yourself a big favour" and check it out.

1 comment:

ecb said...

Fruit whirls save the day every time man.

This is so JTL music. Hey, it's better than Triumph :P