Saturday, December 01, 2007

Reporters reporting.

Isn't that a novel idea? This article nicely distinguishes between real reporting and, as Stephen Colbert once called it, "typing things down that people say, and printing it as news." Imagine journalists being more than just parrots... wow, what a novel concept.

Last night's birthday festivities were a complete success. It was pretty much just the way I'd ever want it to be:
  • in a bar
  • in a bar which is in no way fancy
  • an abundance of salted peanuts
  • whose shells went on the floor, baseball-park-style
  • pitchers were flowing freely
  • a couple of rounds of oddly-coloured shots
  • including what I believe was a Prairie Fire, especially for me, because Jon secretly wants steam to shoot out of my ears
  • excellent music was played, including a song from the first Blood, Sweat and Tears album (when Al Kooper fronted the band)
We had a great time at this place, for the simple reason that the venue didn't interfere in any way with our conversation, or try to make us feel out of place, or expect us to look a certain way. It occasionally enhanced our experience (e.g., for me, the BS&T song), but at no point did the bar get in the way of our good time. And it was a good time.

The best part, of course, is that when it's your birthday, everyone else pitches in and picks up your part of the tab. Thanks, boozers. Thoozers.

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