Saturday, December 08, 2007

It's time to buy some stuff.

I'm becoming, in the parlance of our times, a Real Person™. I have a job, a sweet apartment all to myself, salt and pepper shakers, a car, and no (visible) piercings. As such, I think it's high time I bought some decent furntiure.

I have a couch-and-loveseat combination in my living room. It's decent, but they're hand-me-downs from one of my mom's past redecorating blitzes. They also don't match; not a big deal, but hey, come on.

As such, I've been perusing the Leon's flyer today ('tis the season for "Ho Ho Hold the Payments;" I'll pay for my furniture all at once, thanks), and they have some nice deals. Someone recently told me that February-ish is a good time to buy furniture, and because I don't know jack-squat about buying furniture, I'm inclined to believe them.

Do you know anything about buying* furniture? I'm not a student anymore. I earn a decent enough living, my debts are manageable, and this is what Real People™ do, anyway, right? If you have a tip, please leave a comment. All tip-givers will be entered into a draw, and the winner will be invited over to my apartment, after I purchase the furniture, to look at and — if you play your cards right — sit on the new acquisitions!**

So, let's get those tips flowing! Daddy's got some money to spend!

* This means an actual purchase, for money, in a store. Dumpster-diving does not count.
** Written proof of recent, negative HPV test result required.


kelly o! said...

Being a Real Person is overrated.

JTL said...

What would you know about that, anyway?


Renee said...

Make sure the cusions are washable. Because not everybody has had a recent HPV test. Also, spagetti sauce is a bitch to get out of microfibre. Do not buy the extended warranty, it's a rip-off. Do buy a stain-resistance spray, it really helps with the spagetti sauce.

kelly o! said...


Andrea said...

Hey Jason - I'd highly recommend waiting until Feb - Ryan and I found awesome deals in Sept but Feb tends to be good as well. If you're looking for modern-y stuff EQ3 = adult IKEA (reasonable prices, better quality, but you still have to put it together yourself). Upcountry was awesome - but they went out of business just after Thanksgiving. (3 major retailers that I've bought furniture from in the last 2 months have gone under right after I placed/received orders). Send Ryan/I an email if you get stuck and would like some ideas (I've been shopping for our place for the last 3 months and since we've got both contemporary and traditional rooms I've been pretty much everywhere in TO/Vaughan/Ottawa.

Ryan said...

Late January to early February is a good time to buy stuff, period. Forget Boxing Day - February is when the real sales happen. Everyone's over-consumerified from Christmas, and still paying off the credit card bills. It's when I buy a lot of my clothing for the year - usually at 60% off.