Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Big, big, big news.

My jaw actually dropped open.

To the Marlins:
  • rookie pitching sensation Andrew Miller (he'll get his head screwed back on right, I'm sure)
  • five-tool outfielder Cameron Maybin (maybe a season away from the bigs, but oh what a season he'll have)
  • triple-digit-fastball-pitching Eulogio de la Cruz (came up briefly with the Tigers last year and looked great)
  • solid young catcher Mike Rabelo (really came on strong with the stick after getting settled as Pudge's backup)
To the Tigers:
  • workhorse left-handed pitcher Dontrelle Willis (I've liked this guy for years; good with the stick, too)
  • sluggin' third baseman Miguel Cabrera (can you say no to 34 HR, 119 RBI from a 24-year-old? I can't)
It's a shocker, to be sure. I distinctly remember Dave Dombrowski saying he didn't see himself making any big deals during the Winter Meetings... and yet, here we are, two established stars from the Fish going to the Bengals, in exchange for at least three can't-miss prospects.

Wow. Serious trade for the Tigers.


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